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Adult Sacraments

RCIA - Sacramental Preparation for Adults 18+

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA), is a spiritual journey process developed by the Catholic Church for prospective converts to Catholicism who are above the age of infant baptism (7). Catechumens and or Candidates are gradually introduced to aspects of Catholic beliefs and practices. The basic process applies to adults and *older children. 

*Please see RCIA-AC for Children 7-17 years of age. 

Who should attend RCIA?

  • Catechumens (unbaptized persons) and baptized Christians who wish to become Catholic, and/or are interested in learning more about the Catholic Faith.
  • Baptized Catholics who have not received other Sacraments (Communion, Reconciliation, Confirmation), and/or were not brought up in the Catholic faith. 
  • Any non-Catholic who wishes to learn more about the Catholic Faith.


Adult Sacraments/ Sacramentos para Adultos:

  • Is for those adults who ARE baptized and wish to complete their 1st Holy Communion and Confirmation Click here
  • Es para adultos que fueron bautizados católicos y desean recibir su primera comunion y ser confirmados En Español

Adult Confirmation (only):

  • Is for those adults who are baptized Catholic, have received 1st Holy Communion and are seeking the sacrament of Confirmation ONLY.              Click here
  • Es para aquellos adultos que fueron bautizados catolicos, han recibido su primera comunion y SOLO necesitan el sacramento de confirmacion


Are you curious and just want to learn more about what Catholics believe? You're invited to attend an RCIA session with no commitment to convert. No matter what your religious background may be, you are WELCOME!  Please contact the RCIA coordinator for dates and times that we meet.


Graciela (Grace Fernandez) - RCIA Coordinator

(951)689-1131 Ext. 233