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Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (Adapted for Children)


RCIA AC 2018

RCIA-AC is for children who are not baptized Catholic and are between the ages of 7yrs-17yrs.(you will be asked on the registration form if your child was baptized under a different faith).

Parents rest assured that we are not here to ask why your child was not baptized as an infant nor to pass judgment. Mrs. Delafosse, one of the RCIA coordinators, was not baptized until she was 9yrs old! So, you are not alone.


RCIA-AC is a journey where we partner with you to prepare your child to receive Jesus and become full members of the Catholic faith community through the sacraments of Baptism, 1st Holy Communion, and Confirmation.

You are your child’s first and MOST valuable catechist (teacher of the principles of the Catholic Faith). Since this is a partnership parents are required to take an active role by attending monthly sessions with their children.

We recognize that each child is an individual and on a very personal faith journey. Therefore, each child, along with their family, is interviewed by a member(s) of the RCIA Team to determine their readiness. Based on this readiness we work with parents to determine the estimated time it will take for your child/children to receive the sacraments of Baptism, 1st Holy Communion, and Confirmation. The average is 1-2 years. (We are a kid friendly office, so please feel free to bring your little ones.)

All 3 sacraments are received at one time during one single Mass. Yes, your child will be confirmed at the same time that they are baptized. Depending on the number of children receiving sacraments in a given year, the day and time of this Mass will change from year to year. It is traditionally done at the Easter Vigil but not always.


  • Each child on the RCIA-AC journey is required to enroll in Faith Formation in addition to RCIA-AC. Faith Formation are weekly classes that focus on the specifics of the liturgical seasons and building community. Registration is reduced to $40 while the child is in RCIA-AC

    • Registration fee for 2018/2019 is $125
    • Attend Sunday 9am Mass weekly. See calendar for this year’s dismissals and meetings.
    • Enroll in Google Classroom
    • Accept invitation to “Remind”.

    Session information:

    • RCIA-AC children are to attend the Sunday 9am Mass. All dismissals, Rites, and Scrutinies are done ONLY during this Mass. The priest will dismiss the RCIA Catechumen and we will go to the KDC building. Parents pick up their child/children at the end of Mass at the KDC.
    • RCIA-AC sessions are monthly intensive meetings with a focus on the Initiation journey, inquiry, and the meaning of the sacraments. They are not the same as the weekly Faith Formation classes. We meet once a month for 2hrs. See calendar for 2018/2019 meeting dates.
    • One parent and/or Godparent is required to attend each monthly session with your child/children. (If you have multiple children registered only one parent is required to attend for all children)
    • You and your child will be given weekly activities to complete at home via Google Classroom. Remember, you are your child’s first and most important instructor of the Faith. You will turn in these activities via Google classroom or to your dismissal/session leader.

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